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 (Duration: 1 day)

Provides a broad overview of the export process for the beginner: early considerations, the export sequence, customs issues, transportation, commonly used Incoterms®, payment methods, export assistance programmes and the export service industry.

(Duration: 3 modules over 5 days)

Module 1: The Export Process, Delivering Goods Internationally and Incoterms® 2020 (2 days)

Covers the export sequence, the handling of export enquiries, international transportation (road, rail, air, sea), transport documentation, marine insurance (principles, policy types and claims procedures) and Incoterms® 2020.

Module 2: Customs Procedures for Exports (1 day)

Covers the structure of the Harmonised System (HS) of Classification, ordinary customs procedures for export, the export of samples, the SA Customs Act, the SA Tariff Book, duty refunds, rebates and drawbacks, rebate stores, and bonded warehouses.

Module 3: Costing, Quoting, International Risk Management, VAT & Exports, and Payment Procedures (2 days)

Covers export costing, reacting to trade enquiries, working with foreign currencies, financial risk elements, VAT & Exports, international payment methods, export credit insurance, forward exchange contracts and CFC accounts.

(Duration: 1 day)

A case study-based workshop providing delegates with practical skills in export costing (according to the ICC’s Incoterms® 2020) and the preparation of export quotations and proforma invoices.

(Duration: 1 day)

Covers all forms of rebates (industrial, miscellaneous and export), drawbacks (both temporary and permanent) and refunds (miscellaneous and export) exploring the circumstances in which each is used, the application requirements, the role of Customs vis-à-vis ITAC in their administration, and the documentary procedures and calculations for each.  It concludes with a practical case study exercise.

(Duration: 2 days)

Covers the differences between selling locally and selling abroad; determining export readiness; selecting foreign markets; analysing export opportunities; identifying potential buyers; the international marketing mix; maximising value-addition from trade missions, trade fairs and one-on-one meetings; and how to put together an effective export marketing plan.

 (Duration: ½ day)

Designed to ensure that you do not fall foul of the taxman, this briefing covers the South African VAT Act as it pertains to exports and the VAT Incentive Scheme: zero rating vs standard rating, salient interpretation notes, direct vs indirect exports, timelines and documentary requirements.

(Duration: 3 days)

Covers all the documents (instruction, customs, transport, exchange control, etc.) used in effecting the export of a consignment by road, rail, air, sea or multimodal transport, and receipt of payment under a bank collection and a documentary credit (L/C).