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(Duration: 1 day)

A practical, case study-based workshop covering different forms (irrevocable; and irrevocable and confirmed) and types (transferable, back-to-back, revolving, red clause, standby) of documentary credit (L/C) and their application.  Attention is paid to the UCP 600, i.e. its specifications re documentation, while examples of simple to complex L/Cs, and their specific requirements, are explored.

(Duration: 1 day)

Covers the impact of the ICC’s Incoterms®2020 on import and export costing, transaction risk evaluation, and party (seller and buyer) obligations pertaining to consignment delivery.

(Duration: 1 day)

This workshop takes delegates step-by-step through the HS classification process as prescribed by the World Customs Organisation and the South Africa’s Customs & Excise regulations, providing many examples and practical exercises to ensure that when they leave, delegates are familiar with the process.

(Duration: ½ day)

Covers logistics in business today; the role of warehousing in the logistics system; functions of warehousing; trends in materials handling; cargo stowage principles; product packing and marking; and international transportation and the role of documents in the movement of cargo internationally.