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Provides a broad overview of the export-import process for the beginner: early considerations, the export/import sequence, the export enquiry and the indent, customs issues (including registration), transportation, commonly used trade terms (Incoterms® 2020), payment methods, export assistance programmes and the export/import service industry.
Module 1: The Export Import Process, Delivering Goods Internationally, Incoterms®2020 (2 days)

Covers the export-import procedure flow charts; international transportation (road, rail, sea and air) and related documentation; and Incoterms® 2020

Module 2: Export-Import Customs Procedures (2 days)

Covers customs registration procedures; the Harmonised System (HS) of product classification; the SA Customs tariff and schedules; ordinary export and import customs procedures; customs procedures pertaining to samples; duty refunds, rebates and drawbacks; bonded warehouses.

Module 3:  Cargo Insurance; International Trade Risk Management, Payment Procedures; and Costing International Transactions (1 day)

Covers marine/cargo insurance; foreign exchange transactions; SA VAT & Exports/Imports; the financial risk elements of export-import; international payment methods (UCP 600, URC 522) and their documentary requirements; export credit insurance; export and import costing; sales enquiries, feasibility studies, indents, quotations and proforma invoices.