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After years of benefiting from Sammy’s outstanding customer service at a local retail outlet where she managed the ITRISA account, we were finally able to persuade her to join the ITRISA team – which she did on 1st August this year.  Whether you are phoning with a query, booking on a short course or registering for a distance learning qualification programme, you are bound to encounter Sammy’s excellent people-handling and administrative skills.

Sammy (a.k.a. Bigamoya Dube) is officially ITRISA’s new Short Course Administrator.  That said, she is the quintessential team member, rolling up her sleeves and getting involved in whatever task is at hand (and at ITRISA, there are generally many tasks being tackled simultaneously!).

Prior to joining the Institute, Sammy spent some years at Postnet Rivonia and Rosebank where she honed her customer service skills.  Nearly everyone who visits the ITRISA’s offices greets Sammy as a long-lost friend – even the neighbours of other ITRISA personnel have been known to despatch What’sApp messages such as: ‘Is it true that Sammy from Postnet is now working for ITRISA? Say Hi to her from her favourite customer!’

Sammy describes herself as innovative and competent, with strong leadership and organisational skills and the ability to think critically and strategically.  Furthermore, she is a problem solver, works well under pressure and has great team building skills.  How lucky are we?