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Make sure that the enrolment form is completed in full, and that you have uploaded all required support documentation before submission.  This should include a copy of your highest formal education certificate, e.g. Senior Certificate or Degree/tertiary level Certificate/Diploma or post-graduate qualification), as well as a copy of the relevant page of your South African ID document or passport.

Note that your registration will only be processed when ITRISA receives payment for your studies.

Once an application has been processed, a letter confirming registration and providing your student number will be emailed to you.  Your student number is important as it must be recorded on all your assignments and examination scripts.

Study material is despatched or made available for collection in time for students to start preparing for the assignments.  As the ITRISA subject content is dynamic (constantly changing), study material is updated biannually before it is sent to print.

Subject study material is despatched in sets of two.  The assignments for the subjects concerned must be completed prior to the despatch of the next set of material.  This is because the subjects complement and build on each other and must therefore be studied in a particular order.