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ITRISA conducts a comprehensive distance learning programme in international trade which affords participants valuable insights into how the trading environment works, and the opportunities and challenges facing international trade practitioners today.

Joining the study programme

The basic entry qualification for the Higher Certificate and Diploma courses is a Grade 12 (Senior Certificate) or equivalent.  In the absence of a Grade 12 (Senior Certificate), an applicant might still be considered if he/she can demonstrate competence acquired through other relevant studies and/or practical experience.  Any business experience would be a distinct, added advantage.

Study cycles

Each of ITRISA’s distance learning courses is conducted in two separate study cycles per year: enrolment for the 1st study cycle closes at the end of February; enrolment for the 2nd study cycle closes at the end of July.

Who registers for ITRISA qualifications?

ITRISA’s distance learning programme caters for different types of people – from small business owners embarking on an export drive for the first time and company personnel involved in export marketing and logistics, to those providing services to exporters or importers such as logistics specialists, bankers, insurers and government policy makers.’

Choice of Courses
Fees and Payment Methods
Examination Venues
How to Register