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Trade Logistics is dedicated to simplifying International Trade for all businesses

Trade Logistics will ensure that your business:

  • Meets all of SARS Custom’s requirements before your shipment is scheduled to arrive/depart.
  • Makes the best use of any tax saving initiatives that Customs have made available.
  • Knows about any regulations or restrictions on your cargo.
  • Has all the required permits including import export licenses or documentationrequired to import regulated cargo.
  • Benefits from the lowest possible exchange rate.
  • Has access to a private foreign exchange broker who can assist with everyday exchanges,
    complex transactions and forward cover without your ever having to leave your office.
  • Acts as a one-stop shop for any business registration services including the registration of a new company, VAT registration and BEE certification.

Our website provides free tools, templates, basic how to guides and calculators to make planning your shipments easier.