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Africa House represents the merger between two companies recognised as leaders in their fields:  Whitehouse & Associates and Africa Project Access.  Working exclusively in sub-Saharan Africa, we offer insight and access into the African trade and project environment through the provision of intelligence on projects and bespoke research on opportunities in markets.

Our logo:

The African symbol Ananse Ntontan represents wisdom, creativity and complexity, attributes that embody the essence of Africa House.  We hold a body of knowledge and experience on African markets that has been developed over many years which we use creatively to address the opportunities and challenges of a complex continent.

Africa House provides:

  • Projects:  Ongoing research and intelligence on greenfield and brownfield projects to a dedicated subscriber base.
  • Trade:  Market and partner identification, export strategy development and commercial feasibility.
  • Access:  To the world’s fastest growing markets through a team that has worked in 30 countries across the continent over a period spanning 30 years.
  • Insights:  What is driving the continent and targeting regions of high opportunity going forward.